Free GoEast Welcoming Week Events!

The beginning of the new school semester is upon us! GoEast would like to welcome all our new friends and students by offering a range of fun, free events for everyone to attend. Did we mention they're free if you register online? Join us or let your friends know about these events. You literally have nothing to lose! Below is a list of all the events taking place along with details and registration links.

Open Chinese Classes

Learning a bit of Chinese can make life in China much easier. GoEast is offering both basic beginner Chinese open classes as well as intermediate classes for anyone interested. Details and Registration


What better way to connect with people than through food? At GoEast, we'll be having a Chinese cooking class that goes over a few basic dishes that you can make for your new Chinese friends! Did we forget to food? Details and Registration



We all need a job. Some of us want to start a business. We're all in China. There is almost no reason not to attend the GoEast Talk about Chinese business culture and etiquette! We've lined up two experienced speakers to go over the ins and outs of Chinese business culture along with a few tips about how business is conducted in China. Details and Registration


Are you a gamer? Good. So are most Chinese people. What better way to meet Chinese people (or fellow gamer expats) than by attending GoEast Chinese Game Night? We'll have a variety of Chinese board games available and beginners are welcome. You're welcome to bring drinks and we'll be covering the basic rules for each game before we start. Details and Registration


Tea has always been big part of Chinese culture. There are many methods and kinds of tea that are native to China and we'll be showing you how to prepare and taste many of them at the GoEast tea tasting. Free delicious tea anyone?  Details and Registration