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Introduction to Chinese Apps and Hands-on Orientation

  • Worrying about how to survive without Facebook or Twitter or Ins or whatever?
  • Wondering what are the most popular apps in China?
  • Are Alipay and Wechat the only apps you know or you don’t even know about them?
  • Having no clue what they say on those buttons?
  • Curious about how apps change the way of people living in China?


Come and join us on the Chinese App Day at GoEast. Let us show you:

  • What are the most popular and essential Chinese apps in daily life: apps to mobilize your wallet, connect with your friends in and out of China, search personalized recommendations, purchase all sorts of tickets…You name it
  • Tips on how to make these amazing apps work better
  • We will help download and personalize the apps for you!


It will be fun, informative and personal!


Time: September 14th, come any time between 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. 

Place: No.194-196 Zhengmin Rd, GoEast Language Center

Admission: FREE!