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GoEast Business Lecture: Monetary Policy Adjustments of PBoC

One Perspective To Interpret The Chinese Economy And The RMB Exchange Rate 

By analyzing the monetary policy adjustments of PBoC in the past 15 years, we try to interpret the Chinese economic growth cycles as well as the process of RMB exchange rate reform within the global context. It thereby helps understand the role that “One-Belt, One-Road" initiative takes in the integration of China with the world economy and the internationalization of the currency. 

[LECTURE] Dr. Xiaorong Zhang 

Dr. Xiaorong Zhang

Dr. Xiaorong Zhang is an Associate Professor in Department of Finance, Fudan School of Management. Her current research interests include corporate invest and financing behavior, financial markets and stock market bubbles. 

[TIME] 7-9pm, Thursday July 27

[LOCATION] GoEast Language Center, No.194, Zhengmin rd

[LANGUAGE] English

[ADMISSION] FREE, but REGISTRATION is required before 27th July, 2017. Questions are also welcomed!



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