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GoEast Bilingual Lectures : Chinese Calligraphy

If I were born in China, I would be a calligraphist instead of a painter.
— Pablo Picasso

What are the origins of Hanzi?

What are the aesthetic concepts and criteria of Chinese handwriting?

What are the relations between calligraphy and other forms of Chinese art?

Do you know how to hold the writing brush (毛笔) ?

We'll cover all these topics and more at our GoEast Bilingual lecture about Chinese calligraphy and seals. Attending will be Zheng Zhenwei, an award winning (The Sixth Ou Yangxun Prize, The Second Couplets Exhibition Prize) junior calligraphist at the Jiangsu Calligraphy Association.


Lecturer: Zheng Zhenwei
Time: 3:00 - 5:00 pm, Oct. 19th
Location: GoEast Language Center, No.194, Zhengmin Rd (next to Daxue Rd)
Price: FREE for GoEast Students (40RMB for others)

For GoEast Students

General Admission

To sign up simply select October 19th, 3:00PM and fill in all your details.