Do the hours in a package expire?
Nope.The hours in a lesson package are evergreen and never expire!
Can I use the hours in lesson packs against paid cultural courses?
No. The hours in lesson packages are explicitly for language learning.


What methods of payment do you accept?
We only accept PayPal payments online, however if you're in the Shanghai area you can pay in cash at our Yangpu location.
What is your return policy?
If you've completed fewer than 5 hrs of tutoring or classes, 5 hours will be deducted from your purchase and the rest can either be refunded to you or transfered to someone else at your request.
If you've used more than 5 hours you will be refunded the amount of hours at the closest rate price. For example if you purchased 20 hours but only used 11 hours, you will be refunded 11 hours at the rate price for 10 hours.
What currencies do you accept?
The GoEast Scheduler only functions with USD however upon request you can purchase in Euros as well. You can purchase in RMB at our Shanghai campus in the Yangpu district.


When can I schedule lessons?
Anytime! Keep in mind that lesons cannot be booked less than 24hrs in advance.
I don't live in China. For what times can I book lessons?
The scheduler will only show you to book for available times. That being said. If you would like to book lessons for lessons out of our hours of operation we can arrange for that as well.
Can I cancel my lesson?
You can cancel lessons upto 24hrs in advance of the lesson through the GoEast Scheduler or by emailing your teacher.
Can I reschedule my lesson?
Of course! Just remember that you need to reschedule 24hrs in advance of the lesson time through the GoEast Scheduler or by emailing your teacher.


Can I choose my teacher?
You can. Simply choose your teacher in the GoEast Scheduler when you book your next lesson.
Can I change teachers?
You can change teachers, however it is recommended to notify GoEast about your change before scheduling with a new teacher.