Private Tutoring

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Flexible Scheduling

GoEast offers flexible scheduling, and allows you to learn whenever it's convenient for you. Learn at your own pace and never worry about following a strict schedule.

Professional Instructors

All of our instructors are University educated with at least 2 years of tutoring experience. Be confident knowing you'll be learning from someone with experience, and a passion for language and education.

Customized Courses

Every course and tutoring session can be customized to reflect your learning style and goals. Whether you'd like to learn some Mandarin for travelling, work, or HSK certification, we can design a course for you.

Online or In Person

Learning face to face is always the best way to learn a language and if you're in China we offer in person one on one tutoring as well as online tutoring.

GoEast helped me advance my Mandarin in a time-efficient way. In May 2013, I successfully wrote the HSK4 Exam. Phil Cyr GoEast offers high quality online and in person Mandarin language tutoring services. As with all of our courses, our tutors are University educated with at least 2 years of teaching experience. For our online tutoring sessions we provide the choice of using the widely available Skype or Google Hangouts apps. However, if you choose to learn in person at our Shanghai campus you get unlimited use of our comfortable GoEast Headquarters in the heart of Shanghai. Our instructors will design a custom learning plan with you that takes into account your ability, your goals, and your learning style so you get the best possible learning experience. Feel free to signup up for our free weekly online trial classes.

Tutoring Package Rates

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Note listed rates are for online tutoring only


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