On Site Courses


You can't replicate the experience of learning a new language with real people in a collaborative environment. For this reason GoEast regularly runs a series of courses that take place at our Shanghai campus.  Whether you need a crash course in Mandarin for business, obtain HSK4 certification, or simply would like to learn some travel Mandarin, we have a course for you. GoEast also offers cultural events if you'd like to meet some people, or casually learn about Chinese culture.


Classroom Environment

Learning with others, face to face, in a classroom is one of the most effective way to pick up oral language skills. Collaboration and immersion are the fastest most effective way to learn a language.

Professional Instructors

All of our instructors are University educated with at least 2 years of tutoring experience. Be confident knowing your instructor will be qualified, capable, and knowledgeable enough to answer all your questions.

Course Selection

GoEast offers a variety of different courses for all skill levels, learning goals, and timetables. We also offer cultural courses to familiarize yourself with Chinese Culture.

Small Class Size

GoEast courses are small, personal with between 3 and 6 students. Small class sizes allow more valuable feedback and one on on time with your instructor while also allowing you more time to get to know your classmates.

Fall Courses

Supplementary Chinese

Continue Learning Chinese at a Relaxed Pace

  • 1 lesson a week
  • Each lesson includes 3 fifty minute sessions with 2 ten minute breaks
  • Level completion takes 12 weeks

Tuition Fees

  • 1 GoEast Level 3280 RMB

Intensive Chinese

A Crash Course in Chinese

  • 3 lessons a week
  • Each lesson includes 3 fifty minute sessions with 2 ten minute breaks
  • Level Completion takes 4 weeks

Tuition Fees

  • 1 GoEast Level 3080 RMB (save 200RMB)
  • 2 GoEast Levels 5960 RMB (save 600RMB)
  • 3 GoEast Levels 8640 RMB (save 1200RMB)

Standard Chinese

Learn to Read and Write Chinese Quickly

  • 2 lessons a week
  • Each lesson includes 3 fifty minute sessions with 2 ten minute breaks
  • Level completion takes 6 weeks

Tuition Fees

  • 1 GoEast Level 3180 RMB (Save 100RMB)
  • 2 GoEast Levels 6160 RMB (Save 400RMB)

Private Tutoring Discount

Save 50% on Private Tutoring

Sign up for a GoEast Fall Course and get 4 hours of private tutoring for 400 RMB for each level you purchase

If you'd prefer to have private tutoring instead of courses in a small class, GoEast also provides private tutoring services with all of the same features as small classes.

If you have questions feel free to contact us

Chinese Culture Classes

Immerse Yourself in Chinese Culture

  • New classes every Tuesday
  • Classes can be taken in Chinese or English
  • One 90 minute class per week

Tuition Fees

  • 1180 RMB/month
  • 1880 RMB/month for 2 people

Chinese Kong Fu

Everybody loves Kong Fu fighting. So why not learn the basics of Chinese Martial Arts at GoEast from a trained and qualified master.

Chinese Calligraphy and Seals

Get to know the origin, evolvement and beauty of Chinese characters by making your own seal.


Learn one of China's most widely practiced martial arts. Known both for its use in self defence training and health benefits. Tai Chi is a great way to keep fit in China.

Chinese Guqin

Guqin is the sound of ancient China. GoEast offers Guqin lessons on site to get you started learning this beautiful instrument.