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Why Goeast ONLINE

  • ­Video lessons + interactive exercises + live lessons

  • Learn on any device anywhere in the world

  • Real conversations from daily life

  • 24/7 support from professional teachers

  • Language immersion to achieve faster proficiency.

  • Earn a certificate by completing a course


Course Features

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Learn in Chinese

  • learn Chinese by listening to videos with Chinese audio
  • use pictures, context, and examples to understand new words
  • teachers speak slowly and clearly at your level or just above it
  • subtitles are provided in English and pinyin

Real Conversations

  • practice with videos of real conversations in Chinese
  • learn vocabulary you can use in your daily life
  • listen to native speakers with standard accents

Interactive Exercises

  • practice what you learn to reinforce new words and grammar
  • every lesson includes interactive exercises
  • study new words with pre-made flashcards and games

Featured Courses


Price: $19 USD

Learn a few basic sentences to greet people and introduce yourself, while focusing on correct pronunciation.

Price: $99 USD

Start learning Chinese from real conversations about everyday topics. No prior knowledge required.

Price: $69 USD

In just 4 weeks you'll be ready to participate in meetings, give work reports, discuss team building activities and more.



“These lessons were my first ever attempt at studying online actively with real people. Wise choice  — not only the online self-study videos were excellently crafted and thought provoking, the vocabulary exercises, really helped cement the new words, the structured learning conversations and tests all prepared me. I highly recommend this course for anyone interested in learning the basics of business Chinese."

- Tom Smart, USA


"I enjoyed the GoEast learning community because they not only provided an effective curriculum, but were also understanding with the content on which I'd like to most focus. I'd highly recommend taking GoEast to learn Chinese and join a welcoming community."

- James Long, USA


"GoEast is the best place to study Chinese language and culture in a fast and fun way. Before starting my lessons here, I had never imagined I would be able to make such progress."

- Manny Sue, Netherland

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