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Online Spoken Course

Online Lessons to Make you Fluent in No Time


The Online Spoken course is designed for people who above all need to become a fluent Mandarin speaker.


The Online Spoken course is designed to quickly and effectively bring a student to fluency in spoken Mandarin. Using music, chinese television, textbooks, and plenty of Mandarin conversation, our teachers can give anyone a head start on becoming fluent.

The course starts with situational speech (introducing yourself, asking directions, ordering from a menu), and progressively moves toward more complex conversations. Soon enough you'll be conversing like a local.


You want to learn how to speak Mandarin but aren't as interested in learning the intricacies of Hanzi


Anywhere! The beauty of taking courses online is that you can attend classes wherever you have access to a high speed internet connection.

Lecture Contents

REVIEW 20 - 30 mins

THEORY 1 hrs

PRACTICE 30 - 40 mins

1 hr Tutoring/Week


2 hr classes twice a week

1 hr one on one tutoring a week

Morning, Afternoon and Weekend classes available