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Success stories

Everyone can learn Chinese

Selected stories from over 20.000 students. We firmly believe anyone can learn Mandarin! Not just to gain new vocabulary, but also to enjoy the process. Here are some stories from fellow Chinese language students who learn(ed) at GoEast Mandarin to inspire you up.

Success stories

Everyone can learn Chinese with the right course and personal attention

Cat from the USA (HSK2)

“I always thought I wouldn’t be able to grasp the Chinese language. But I got into classes with a really great teacher at GoEast. And it goes really really well. I caught on with the tones and vocabulary.”

Previous pain points:

  • Lack of confidence, shy

Emma’s daughter (YCT)

“We’d tried different online options, and nothing really ‘clicked’ with my child. She’s not a child who enjoys competition or fast pace, so many of the fancy large-scale Chinese learning platforms with animations and point-scoring systems didn’t appeal to her. We were delighted when we discovered GoEast – where the focus is on having excellent teachers.”

May from Thailand (HSK5)

“GoEast really helped my confidence in Chinese and just let me practice, not being afraid of saying the wrong things. That’s what I love about learning with my teacher Winona. She’s very kind and she makes the lesson very interesting.”

Previous pain points:

  • Lack of progress
  • Wrong curriculum

Alex from the UK (HSK6)

“Before coming to GoEast, I had only learned the very basic stuff. Now at GoEast, it’s going well. Not perfect but I’ve got great teachers. I can always practice with the people in my office because I work with a lot of Chinese people as well.”

Previous pain points:

  • No ability to speak 

Cynthia from the US (HSK2)

“I had accumulated more than a year of random different learning experiences. But it wasn’t until ramping up last fall with GoEast’s courses and having my teacher keep drilling me with questions in a structured order, that I started feeling as though I might be able to think in simple sentences and perhaps carry on basic conversations.”

Previous pain points:

  • Lack of progress
  • Distinguish sounds (zuò, cuò, and so on)

Santiago from Chile (HSK3)

“I had learned Chinese before coming to GoEast, but it was really bad, like university elective courses always are. I had like two semesters, but it’s totally different at GoEast. Of course, I still struggle with the tones, but I’m super happy to be learning here, I’m actually progressing and I learn every day. I went through HSK1, HSK2, and HSK3 — and I’m now learning characters over thirty characters a day.”

Previous pain points:

  • Lack of progress
  • Tone pronunciation

“Chinese is learned also learned through the heart, not just through the head”

At GoEast we make sure the classes aren’t just educational, but also stimulating.

Robert from Germany (HSK4)

“I’ve studied at GoEast Mandarin for several years, going from zero to HSK4. I stayed with a Chinese family for two days, and they’ve been extremely welcoming. And because I could talk with them well in Chinese, they told me I could call them Mama and Baba.”

Jaap from the Netherlands (HSK4)

“I was never good with languages at high school, so I never imagined I could be speaking Mandarin. The first time I spoke Chinese in Amsterdam was amazing. In a Chinese restaurant, the waiter first couldn’t understand me: “啊?! 你说什么? 你要什么?!!!” “A?! Nǐ shuō shénme? Nǐ yào shénme?!!!” I refused to speak Dutch or English, or point at pictures. I explained to her I’m learning Mandarin and would really like to order in Chinese. Eventually, all the dishes ended up on the table.

Previous pain points:

  • Never good with languages
  • Lack of confidence

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