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Our Chinese teachers and staff

Our Chinese teachers are what make GoEast Mandarin loved by thousands of Chinese learners around the world. Since 2012, students have continuously given us high-reviews and renewed their classes with us.

To support our Chinese language teachers, we have a team of course and curriculum developers, language consultants, and other office staff.

GoEast Mandarin

Core team of Chinese teachers

All our teachers are:

  • Among top 5% of Mandarin teachers
  • True language lovers, and choose to teach Chinese not as a part-time job but for their life-long career
  • BS, MS, or PhD degree holders in foreign language
  • Average 7 years experience teaching Chinese to foreign students
  • 2 month intensive training program before teaching
  • Consistenly score high reviews from their students
Winona Chinese teacher

Winona Liu (刘科含 Liú Kēhán)

Senior Chinese Teacher 高级汉语教师

With a master’s degree in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language, Winona has taught more than 8000 hours and is familiar with materials of every level. Her teaching methods are fun and effective. She also does teachers training and pedagogy. She also is a big fan of documentary movies and KTV.

Ellie Chinese teacher

Ellie Liu (刘晓丹 Liú Xiǎodān)

Senior Chinese Teacher 高级汉语教师

Ellie first joined GoEast in 2014 and has always received great reviews from students. She went to the United Kingdom for 1 year to teach Chinese at the University of Nottingham in 2015. She now teaches and does teacher training online and in Shanghai, and stars in our YouTube series called Beyond Class.

Stella Chinese teacher

Stella Qiu (邱烨 Qiū Yè)

Senior Chinese Teacher 高级汉语教师

Stella graduated from University College London with a master degree in education and Shanghai International Studies University with a degree in teaching Chinese. She has been teaching ever since. She is passionate about Chinese language teaching and Chinese culture. You might explore more than expected with her.

Dani Chinese teacher

Daniela Wu (丹妮 Dān Nī)

Chinese Teacher 汉语教师

Daniela Wu graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Chinese Linguistic Literature form Jimei University in Xiamen, China. Later, she studied in Madrid, Spain, graduating with a Master’s degree in International Education of Chinese Language. After teaching Mandarin in Spain and China, she now teaches at GoEast in Shanghai and online.

Morris Chinese teacher

Morris Long (龙鳞 Lóng Lín)

Chinese Teacher 汉语教师

Morris graduated from Liaoning University with a master degree in Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages. He went to Chile to work as a Chinese teacher in 2016, where he not only taught classes, but also organized lots of cool events. He is absolutely warmhearted and willing to help you improve your Chinese!

Jennie Chinese teacher

Jennie Jin (金芝 Jīn Zhī)

Chinese Teacher 汉语教师

Jennie Jin holds a master degree in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language from Shanghai International Studies University. She started teaching Chinese since 2013. After two years of working in a bank, she decided teaching Chinese is her real passion and has been polishing her teaching skills ever since. She has the experience of teaching in private schools and university in China and overseas.

Liz Chinese teacher

Liz Zhao (赵灵 Zhào Líng)

Chinese Teacher, GoEast 汉语教师

Liz Zhao holds a master degree in Education in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language from Yunnan University. Before she joined GoEast, she taught Chinese for one year in Myanmar and also had trained students from different backgrounds with private lessons. Her teaching style if fun and relaxing with a good structure.

Chinese teacher Vivian

Vivian Feng (冯煜 Féng Yù)

Chinese Teacher, GoEast 汉语教师

Vivian graduated from Dalian University of Foreign Languages with a master degree in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language. She has been working in the field of education since 2016 and taught Chinese in Peru for a year. Her classes are structured and engaging.

Annie Chinese teacher

Anna Zhang (张震 Zhāng Zhèn)

Chinese Teacher, GoEast 汉语教师

Anna Zhang graduated from Heilongjiang University with a master degree in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language. She has been working as a Chinese teacher since 2017. She taught students in universities and also private schools. She is very patient and her classes are engaging.

Andie Chinese teacher

Andie Ma (马萍 Mǎ Píng)

Chinese Teacher, GoEast 汉语教师

Andie graduated from Northwest University with a master degree in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language. She has been working in the field of education since 2018 and taught Chinese in Philippin for a year. Her classes are well designed and engaging. Her personality is kind and patient.

Michelle teacher

Michelle Zhang (张晓秋 Zhāng Xiǎoqiū)

Chinese Teacher, GoEast 汉语教师

Michelle has worked in international corporates for more than 10 years and she always has a passion for teaching Chinese as a second language. She is dedicated to each lesson and always well-prepared. She dedicated to teaching whole-heartedly since 2018. She is fluent in English and she has a variety of teaching methods and good communication skills, therefore she knows how to teach Chinese from a student’s perspective. Her personality is kind and patient.


Vivian Guo (郭国滟 Guō Guóyàn)

Chinese Teacher, GoEast 汉语教师

Vivian holds a bachelor degree in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language. She has been teaching Chinese since 2013. She also has a lot of experience in training new Chinese teachers. Her classes are fun and structured.

Core team of curriculum designers

Our curriculum designers (who also teach to have first-hand experience) help improve existing courses, and design new courses. They make sure every lesson delivered is up to our teaching quality standards, and care about your learning process as much as your teachers.

Michael Chinese language

Michael Wang (王 如迅 Wáng Rúxùn)

Senior Researcher 高级教研

Teacher Michael has been teaching Chinese since 2008 and he used to work in China’s largest tech-educational company as a product manager for 3 years. He’s familar with all kinds of textbooks and padagogies for Chinese language learning. He is leading the development our blended courses and business courses. Not only he is a great teacher and researcher, but also a good video game player.

Clytie Chinese teacher

Clytie Yuan (袁家晟 Yuán Jiāshèng)


Teacher Clytie has a master’s degree in Teaching Chinese As a Second language. She has been teaching Chinese since 2011 and is passionate about it. She upgrades our courses and tests constantly based on new situations and analyzes learning datas for our students.

Lily Chinese teacher

Lily Li (李晓映 Lǐ Xiǎoyìng)

Researcher, 教研

Graduated form Beijing Normal University. Lily started working as a Chinese teacher since 2016 and has gained teaching experience rapidly. Her teaching style is relaxing, interactive and systematic. She designs new activities and tools for our teachers to use.

Our Chinese language consultants

Our language consultants (who also teach to stay sharp) help Chinese language students manage and achieve their learning goals. To do so they’ll consider learning methods, available time, previous experience, etcetera. They also feedback to teachers to improve teaching quality.

Maria Chinese language

Maria Mao (毛瑞 Máo Ruì)

Senior Language Consultant 高级课程顾问

Maria graduated from renowned Beijing Foreign Studies University with degrees in English, Teaching Chinese and a great sense of humor. She has been teaching Chinese since 2007 and becomes our language consultant in 2016. She knows all types of learners and always listen to your needs and create the most suitable courses for you.

Emily Chinese language

Emily Wang (王蓉 Wáng Róng)

Senior Language Consultant 高级课程顾问

Emily attended China’s best language university to pursue her passion in linguistics and education. She has been teaching Chinese since 2007 to students of various nationalities and backgrounds, from primary school kids to company CEOs. She becomes our Language Consultant in 2015 with excellent teaching management skills. She will be there to motivate you, celebrate your learning milestones and take care of your needs all the time, along with your teacher, our academy team, and our community team!

Eva Chinese language

Eva Zhang (张妍 Zhāng Yán)

Language Consultant 课程顾问

Eva graduated from Beijing Foreign Studies University as well with a degree of Chinese language and culture. She is passionate in teaching Chinese and has a lively way to go with classes. She is patient, kind and the tallest teacher at GoEast! She becomes our Language consultant in 2017 with great knowledge and skills in level assessing, course design and encouragement!

Lynn Chinese language

Lynn Ji (季玲 Jì Líng)

Language Consultant 课程顾问

Lynn studied Teaching Chinese as a second language at Shanghai Normal University. She has been teaching since 2014. She becomes a language consultant in 2017 and she is super helpful and always consider our students, it seems like that she responds to our students’ needs 24/7!

Community and support

Our support staff is working hard to make sure you are learning in a lively and friendly environment and never feel lonely.

Jaap Chinese language

Jaap Grolleman (雅普Yǎpǔ)

Student advisor 学生顾问

Jaap graduated as a Bachelor of Arts from Willem de Kooning Art Academy in Rotterdam and worked in communication roles in Amsterdam and Shanghai. Jaap studies at GoEast from level 0 to now HSK4+, so he makes sure our students’ needs are heard in our meetings! He organises online and offline events for our students, searching for other great deals/opportunities for our students.

Jane Chinese language

Jane Luo (罗琼 Luó Qióng)

Teacher Recruiter 老师招聘官

Jane graduated from Fudan University with a master degree in Chinese Linguistics and has been teaching Chinese for over a decade and taught hundreds of students. She is searching for great Chinese teachers globally for our students.

Lia Chinese language

Lia Li (李佳 Lǐ jiā)

Administrative assistant 行政助理

Lia works at the backend of GoEast team to support the faculty and students. Lia makes sure our classrooms —whether used for offline or online class — are supplied with electricity and internet, and that we have a super comfortable place to work. She assists staff and students in dozens of ways. Talk to her to have a real test of whether you’ve reached HSK6!

Contact us for any questions related to Chinese language education

Contact us for learning Mandarin, partnerships or anything else.


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