Resources for Learning Chinese



Du Chinese is a Mandarin reading app that helps you improve your Chinese skills at a fast pace. The app lets you practice reading and listening with ease, as both word and sentence translations are readily available at your fingertips. Du Chinese has over 500 lessons categorized by difficulty level that you can study on the move or peacefully at home.


The Chairman’s Bao

The Chairman’s Bao [TCB] is the most comprehensive news-based graded reader for students of Chinese, used in over 150 of the world’s most prestigious schools and universities. Across website and iOS/Android, TCB produces 1,600 lessons each year from beginner to advanced levels of study (HSK 1-6+), on a wide range of interesting topics, chosen according to level and for their social currency. Each lesson features native spoken audio and a whole host of other features designed to promote short but frequent study. This is combined with comprehension exercises to test understanding and a Learning Hub for customised vocabulary flashcard tests. Sign up today!

Resources for Living in China


Earnshaw Books

Earnshaw Books is a book publishing house founded in 2003 and based in Hong Kong, dedicated to publishing books on China and beyond that help to enrich the understanding of China’s history and culture. 


Co-Aim International

Co-aim provide international talent sourcing and recruiting service for organizations in China and their overseas subsidiaries or partners. They offer visa consulting and application services to talents that are hired by companies in China 

Co-Aim provide internship programs in China and conduct ongoing research of international exchange on legal, business, academic, professional and culture experience aspects.