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Learn Mandarin at our Chinese school in Shanghai

Whether you take private Chinese lessons or small group classes, learning on our school in Shanghai is a great way to learn Mandarin while getting face-to-face contact with your teachers and fellow students. Besides, there are plenty of other things before and after class!

Ni hao! This is Lynn from GoEast. Add me on WeChat for any questions you have, or to receive a free placement test and a short tour around the campus.

GoEast Mandarin Shanghai

How would you like to learn Chinese?

Learn 4X faster than regular courses while making new friends and having fun. 

  • 4 to 8 weeks
  • From zero to intermediate

Our small-sized group classes are a great and affordable way to learn Mandarin.

  • Three to six people per class
  • Held at both campuses
  • At all HSK levels

Make the most of your time with private classes at one of our campuses in Shanghai. 

  • Held at both campuses or on your location
  • At all HSK levels

We’re offering free open classes for everyone curious to try out GoEast Mandarin.

  • At all HSK levels
  • One hour session

French Concession campus, Shanghai

Visit our campus on Changle Lu, in the middle of downtown Shanghai. Come to lounge, class, or one of many events.

Ways to learn at our school

Small-sized group classes schedule

Total beginner to elementary

chinese lesson plan

Intermediate & above

chinese lesson plan

  • Each Class Hour is 50 minutes.

How long does it take to learn Chinese?

how long does it take to learn chinese?

Join our Chinese school in Shanghai

Do you want a free placement test or a short tour around our campus, either in Yangpu or Shanghai Library? 

Fill in the form to let a language consultant contact you. 

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    Learn Chinese in Shanghai

    Come learn the Chinese language in Shanghai at GoEast Mandarin’s Chinese school. Aside of learning at our campuses in the former French Concession or Yangpu, there are plenty of other reasons.

    Cons of learning Chinese in Shanghai

    Shanghai is by far the most international city in China, and this may not appeal to you since you want ‘real Chinese culture’. In many modern shopping malls, staff will be able to speak English, so it depends on you to stick speaking Chinese to them to to practice your Mandarin.

    Pros of learning Chinese in Shanghai

    …. on the upside of Shanghai being a very international city: great services for expats, such as specialized companies dealing with health insurances or moving for foreigners. And there are many high-quality Chinese language schools, such as GoEast Mandarin! 

    Shanghai has a huge range of places and events to go to, and with around 26 million people, you can choose if you want to hang out with other foreigners, or Chinese locals who do not speak English.

    Best Chinese school in Shanghai

    GoEast Mandarin is listed by TimeOut Shanghai as one of the top Chinese schools in Shanghai, as well as by ‘Sapore di China‘. Since opening our school in Yangpu, Shanghai, in 2012, our Chinese language students have consistently rated us 4.9 out of 5, with an NPS of 84.

    In 2016 we started teaching Mandarin Chinese online, and in 2018 we opened our second Chinese school in downtown Shanghai, the French Concession campus.

    You can come to our Chinese language school in Shanghai not just for Chinese language classes, but also for monthly events. In the last years, we’ve hosted food workshops to make jianbing or dumplings, held movie nights looking at Mulan in Mandarin as well as other Chinese movies, We made art such as Chinese handfans or Chinese ink wash paintings. And so much more. When you take classes at our Chinese school, there’s so much more than just the classes, but a whole environment to make you feel like home in Shanghai.

    Pick up your Chinese guide at a GoEast in Shanghai

    Speaking some Chinese makes Shanghai much easier: you can tell the taxi driver where to go, or exactly which dish you want (no surprises).

    Learning Mandarin also makes Shanghai much nicer: locals will be even nicer to you when you to speak them in their language.

    And speaking some Chinese can also possibly make Shanghai safer: you can ask someone to call an ambulance (although we hope you’ll never have to).

    So you can do two things. First off, you can come pick up our free twelve-page quickguide at our campus in Shanghai’s Yangpu district or in the French Concession near Shanghai Library. And secondly, you can take Mandarin classes at GoEast, of course, either in Shanghai or online.

    So feel welcome to pick up a quick guide for yourself, or for your friends that may need one. And if you decide to sign up for classes, you’ll know where to find us.

    The Chinese quick guide covers topics like food, greetings, animals, colors, talking to a taxi driver, ordering a restaurant, and emergencies, as well as some small talk (such as ‘You are cute!’).

    Sample pages:

    Reviews for GoEast Mandarin

    +10.000 satisfied Chinese language students and counting. Read all reviews on Trustpilot.

    Learn Chinese at our school in Shanghai

    Chinese school Shanghai French Concession
    Chinese school Shanghai French Concession
    Chinese school Shanghai Yangpu
    Chinese school Shanghai French Concession
    Chinese school Shanghai French Concession
    Chinese school Shanghai Yangpu