Learn Chinese at our French Concession campus in Shanghai

Visit our campus in a hundred year old shikumen house, close to the Shanghai Library metro station. Join for tea, events or classes.

Our campus lies in the middle of all sorts of things: Cycling distance from Xintiandi, Jing’an temple and Jiaotong University, and walking distance from the Iranian, French, United States and German consulates. All in Shanghai’s beautiful French Concession.

Ni hao! This is Lynn from GoEast. Add me on WeChat for any questions you have, or to receive a free placement test and a short tour around campus.

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Learn Chinese in Shanghai's French Concession

Our campus in the former French Concession in Shanghai opened in 2018, and hosts nearly a dozen highly experienced teachers and many students.

The hundred year old shikumen house is newly renovated and has classrooms for small-sized group classes as well as private classes.

Everything is themed around Chinese language and Chinese culture. Classrooms with Mandarin names, full of Chinese language books, and a working area for you to relax before or after class. We also host many monthly events in the campus, and there’s coffee and tea for everyone who visits. So drop by and inquire about lessons!

If you’re not in Shanghai’s French Concession, you can also take classes at our Yangpu campus near Fudan University, or online.

Which way would you like to learn?

Our small-sized group classes are a great and affordable way to learn Mandarin while getting face-to-face contact with your teachers and students.

  • Three to six people per class
  • Held at both campuses
  • At all HSK levels

Make the most of your time with private classes at one of our campuses in Shanghai. 

  • Held at both campuses or on your location
  • At all HSK levels

We’re offering free open classes for total beginner, elementary and intermediate level students.

  • Held at both campuses
  • Four times a week
  • At all HSK levels

Our school in the French Concession

Chinese school Shanghai French Concession
Chinese school Shanghai French Concession

Lane 147 Yongfu Road, Building 63
Xuhui District, Shanghai
T +86-021-5435-6358


Learn Chinese at our school in Shanghai

Chinese school Shanghai French Concession
Chinese school Shanghai French Concession
Chinese school Shanghai French Concession
Chinese school Shanghai French Concession
Chinese school Shanghai French Concession
Chinese school Shanghai French Concession

Start learning Chinese in Shanghai

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Praise for GoEast Mandarin’s Chinese language education:

“The teacher was awesome – really friendly, obviously experienced, and spoke great English but stuck with using Chinese. She really did a phenomenal job.”

— All Language Resources about GoEast Online

I was skeptical about the online learning format in the beginning, but by the end of the course I became a fan of it. A great way to fit regular lessons into my busy schedule without extra commute time. Wonderful, knowledgable teachers who could answer all my questions from why the grammar is the way it is, to how to make the sounds when pronouncing similar sounding words. Overall a very positive experience and I will recommend GoEast to anyone I know looking to learn Chinese.

– Katherine (USA)

After the trial course, I knew that this was the one. They helped me learn not only the vocabulary and the reading, but they also helped me improve my conversational skills. The staff at GoEast really care for you and they teach according to your learning style and your needs. It really is the perfect tutoring institute that I’ve been across!

– Hayeon Kim (South Korea)

GoEast Online is the best place to study Chinese language and culture in a fast and fun way. Before starting my lessons here, I had never imagined I would be able to make such progress.

– Manny Sue (Netherlands)

GoEast’s teaching is effective and efficient. The teaching is well-rounded and certainly puts you ahead of the game, language-wise. The lessons themselves are tailored to your specific language needs, so regardless of your language goals and your reasons for studying, they’ll find a way to help you get your Chinese to the level you want it to be at.

– Chaz Sonoda (USA)

These lessons were my first ever attempt at studying online actively with real people. Wise choice — not only the online self-study videos were excellently crafted and thought provoking, the vocabulary exercises, really helped cement the new words, the structured learning conversations and tests all prepared me. I highly recommend this course for anyone interested in learning the basics of business Chinese.

My GoEast teachers have been the most intelligent, skilled, fascinating, and kind teachers I have ever studied with, and I say this as a former university professor myself.

-Tom Smart (USA)

I am really enjoying the program. I love the self-study lesson platform so much! It is such an efficient way to do things that I have begun creating an online platform for my Spanish language learners modeled off of your design. Also, Clytie is an amazing teacher, she is very lively, so much fun to have class with! Her lessons are always very engaging, and she has such a good memory for details about students’ lives and uses that information to present or review materials, which really helps understanding and retention of the material.

— Jessica (USA)