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Our partners in learning Chinese

These partners help GoEast Mandarin and our Chinese language students to learn the Chinese language efficiently.

Discounts & deals

Self-learning platforms

Du Chinese is a reading app that helps you improve your Chinese skills with over 1500 lessons categorized by level. (Actually, many stories are written and recorded by GoEast teachers!) Read our review here.

Use the discount code GOEAST for 20% off on any Du Chinese subscription.

Hack Chinese is a learning system designed specifically for Mandarin Chinese to each day learn Hanzi characters. Read our review here.

Use this special GoEast link to register and get 15% off.

Let your kids learn with Nincha, to learn the Chinese language, culture, and also have some fun along the way. Review here.

GoEast students get a 20% discount with the code “GOEASTNINCHA”.

The first book from Irene Kang and Spark Collection (My Favorite Gift) is out, beautifully illustrated and also very educational. More is on the way, and GoEast is helping a hand with the Mandarin versions!

Galaxy Kids already thought thousands of kids English, and now their Mandarin app is coming out soon. Click here to sign-up for the release in February 2022.

Our Little Mando’s mission is to make Chinese language more accessible to all families, no matter their fluency or background. They published “One Little Pig” that combines rhymes, illustrations, Pinyin, Hanzi and English in a fantastic book.

Skritter is an app suitable for foreigners to learn Chinese Hanzi characters, with handwriting recognition as its main feat of strength. Read our review here.

Use the coupon code ‘GOEAST’ to save 10% off your first purchase (valid on 1-month, 6-month & 12-month subscriptions).

Learn to understand Chinese through thousands of real example sentences, captioned images, and videos. Including GoEast’s Beyond Class! Read our review here.

Use promo code GOEAST which will give a 20% discount on subscriptions.

The Chairman’s Bao is the world’s most complete news-based graded reader for students of Chinese. Read our review here.

Use the code goeast25 at checkout for a 25% discount on all initial subscription transactions.

  • Created by real Chinese language learning experts who understand what it really takes to learn Chinese.
  • Rich with lesson content, featuring 1,000+ video lessons with a total of more than 100 hours in length.
  • Structured into Courses with a curriculum that’s easy to follow.

Read our review here.

GoEast students get a 10% discount with the code “GOEAST10”.

Books about China or Chinese culture

Imagin8 Press publishes graded Chinese readers that are interesting for adults, with built-in tools to make learning easier (Pinyin/English/audio).

Use code GoEast25 at to save 25% on orders over $100 (before discount)

Earnshaw Books is a book publishing house founded in 2003 and based in Hong Kong, dedicated to publishing books on China’s history and culture.

Email and mention you’re a GoEast student for 20% off.

Other partner companies

Chinese partner

Fudan University

One of the oldest and most prestigious universities in China, founded in 1905. GoEast has a campus near Fudan in Shanghai’s Yangpu district, and organizes its Beyond program with the university.


LeWagon is the leading global coding school for entrepreneurs and creative people, operating in 37 cities worldwide, including Shanghai.

Make-a-Wish Shanghai

This charity creates life-changing wishes for children with critical illnesses in China.

Shanghai Expatriate Association

The SEA is a non-profit, multinational, member-based organization for expats in Shanghai.
Chinese partner

Burger King China

As an authentic burger expert worldwide, Burger King was founded in Miami, USA in 1954, features as the home of the Whopper. Burger King entered China in 2005 and developed rapidly to open over 1000 restaurants over 100 cities.

Fragrant Mandarin

Scott and Ella’s YouTube channel has a great approach in letting you learn Mandarin, immersing you as close as you can get to Chinese language immersion without living in China. Their videos are unique because they also provide a downloadable vocabulary list and flashcards.

Chinese Slanguage

A list of resources and tips from GoEast’s student Daniel on learning Mandarin efficiently.

Chinese Zero to Hero

This is a YouTube Channel by Kenny and Jon, an online resource website, as well as an online self learning platform. Something useful for every Mandarin learner.
Chinese partner


A local team that provides tours and activities in nature, grounded in culture. They offer what you cannot find anywhere else, and provide authentic and alternative uncommon experiences.
Chinese partner


Epermarket provides the expatriate community with the products they miss from a place they can trust.

Mandarin Slang Guide

The Chinese podcast that tastes great and probably isn’t all that bad for you! Available on Ximalaya, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts & Spotify, hosted by Joshua Ogden-Davis.

Le Milu

The French city guide to Shanghai, with tips on education, restaurants, places to go, general life advice & language.
Chinese partner


The Professional International Student Association works mainly from Fudan University, to create a reliable, mutually beneficial and self-sustaining platform that can assist students with their career path and make internship opportunities more accessible.
China Crossroads hosts talks on all topics related to China, including business, foreign policy, and other areas as they relate to China, the idea being that China is both already a “crossroads” of the world and itself at a “crossroads” in terms of its future global influence.

China Crossroads

China Crossroads hosts talks on all topics related to China, including business, foreign policy, and other areas as they relate to China, the idea being that China is both already a “crossroads” of the world and itself at a “crossroads” in terms of its future global influence.

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