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Online Chinese class – private Mandarin tutor

Self-study and review your Chinese courses with a private Mandarin tutor online. All on your preferred times, your pace. Courses available at all language levels.

Why choose a private Chinese tutor

Schedule your classes when you want, how often you want, and how long you want.
You can always move or cancel classes, as long as you do so 24 hours before the class starts.

Flexible scheduling

Schedule your classes when you want, how often you want, and how long you want. You can always move or cancel classes, as long as you do so 24 hours before the class starts.
Private classes are more time efficient than group courses. With 1-on-1 attention from your Mandarin teacher, you can finish courses quicker and progress to a higher level more quickly.

Higher speed

Private classes are more time efficient than group courses. With 1-on-1 attention from your Mandarin teacher, you can finish courses quicker and progress to a higher level more quickly.

Self-studying & live-learning with a tutor

learn chinese online

Interactive self-learning

  • Video lessons and interactive exercises
  • Learn on any device, anywhere in the world
  • Real conversations from daily life
  • Earn a certificate by completing a course

Live learning with a teacher

  • Highly experienced and qualified teachers
  • Data from self-learning course is used to target areas for improvement
  • Practice speaking and review each chapter with the teacher
  • Language immersion to achieve faster proficiency

For all Chinese language levels:

All Chinese courses include:

Conversation videos

Real life examples of conversational Chinese to apply the words you’ve learned. Click here for a sample from HSK3.2.

Grammar videos

Videos explaining basic sentence structure. Click here for a sample from HSK1.1.

Private online lessons

chinese teacher

Have live video lessons with your teacher to practice your pronunciation.

Flashcard sets

Several sets of flashcards which you can use to study vocabulary on any device. Click here for a sample set.

Interactive exercises

chinese exercises

Test yourself with a short quiz and find out what you need to study more.

Culture articles

chinese culture lessons

Chinese culture is part of the language. Our courses include short cultural articles too.

HSK1 sample video: Where is the Starbucks?

Segment of the HSK1.1 course.

Why learn with a private tutor

  • Apps like Duolingo or HelloChinese are perfect for learning vocabulary but you need a teacher to practice pronunciation and unlearn bad habits.
  • A professional teacher will guide you through Chinese conversations so you use Chinese language grammar structures in your own words, instead of reciting them.
  • A professional teacher gives you effective feedback: Are you making this mistake because English grammar is that way, or because you don’t understand the context of this word?
  • A professional tutor, combined with our language consultants, provides guidance and motivation on your Chinese learning journey.
goeast mandarin teachers

Why our Chinese teachers are among the best in the world

All GoEast Chinese language teachers:

  • Among top 5% of Mandarin teachers
  • True language lovers
  • BS, MS, or PhD degree holders in foreign language
  • Average 7 years experience teaching Chinese to foreign students
  • 2 month intensive training program before teaching

Reviews for GoEast Mandarin

+10.000 satisfied Chinese language students and counting. Read all reviews on Trustpilot.

Let’s learn Chinese

What happens when you fill in this form?

  • A language consultant will contact you soon
  • He or she will form a lesson plan with you, without obligation
  • If the times and schedule is agreed with by you, you’ll receive a payment link
  • Upon payment, we’ll create an account for you on our learning platform
  • Then the learning starts!

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    Five characteristics of the perfect Chinese language teacher

    online Chinese tutor

    Chinese tutors on the top of their game possess five key traits, from eagerness to education. Here we list our top five.

    A great listener

    A good Chinese language tutor isn’t someone who ‘bestows’ wisdom on a student, but rather takes them by the hand and guides them through the language. Learning is a two-way street, not single-lane traffic.

    At GoEast we don’t let our Chinese tutors talk all the time: a conversation should happen. The teacher will talk and let the student repeat the newly learned words & sentence structure, answering in the words and phrases they can speak. A good teacher creates opportunities for the student to speak, and also sees which parts need to be learned more.

    When student and teacher are familiar with each other, the teacher will know exactly which words the student knows and at which speed the student can listen. This vastly improves the efficiency of the class.


    There’s no point in listening if the teacher cannot adapt. And being adaptable is only possible if there’s a wealth of knowledge from the teacher. If the teacher is on the limits of his or her knowledge, then there are limited tools available.

    But education or experience (or adaptability and resourcefulness) make a teacher able to try something different. E.g.: If the student doesn’t understand grammar rule X explained like this, how about this example?

    Making things look simple
    Maybe this simply just refers to point five, and maybe this also refers to the curriculum designers of a proper language school. But a good teacher makes a difficult language look easy. She or he breaks topics down into steps, giving confidence to the student that she or he can make progress.

    This is why, for instance, at GoEast we teach HSK1 and HSK2 before Hanzi — so that the student doesn’t get Pinyin & Hanzi and reading & speaking at the same time, but rather that she or he becomes conversational as soon as possible, before learning to read and write.

    A good online Chinese tutor makes you think: “Wow, I never taught I could learn Chinese!”

    Eager to see you progress

    Every teacher motivates her or his students in another way, and whether you call it ‘motivation’ or ‘energy’ or ‘cheerfulness’, or whatever, it’s important because if a teacher doesn’t show some spirit, it’ll demotivate the student. We are calling it eagerness here. It’s an eagerness to see the student learn, to see the student succeed and grow as a speaker of the Chinese language.

    Eagerness seeps into all aspects of teaching, from during the class to before and after. Our tutors, with the curriculum designers, prepare before the class so that the class runs smoothly.

    During the class, eagerness is important because it spurs the student on.

    Another word for this would be ‘patience’. When we did a survey a year ago, the most important quality that showed up was patience. Students need a patient teacher, who deals with the same questions or problems again and again, without losing her or his cool. Sometimes a student asks their teacher: “You hear me do this wrong for fifty times now, 没 and 不, don’t you get annoyed with me?”, but the honest answer is no. If you try hard and make an honest attempt, we are motivated to teach you! We know how hard it is to learn Mandarin, or any foreign language (the reputation of Mandarin to be such a difficult language really overshadows the real difficulty). And the student will feel that too.

    Having the right educational background

    No matter how amazing you are as a person (Maria Theresa wouldn’t make a great Chinese language tutor either), you need education. An education in being a teacher, and in Chinese language education makes you better at teaching Chinese. Period.

    So this is twofold. One there’s education in being a better teacher, how to manage students, and how to impart knowledge.

    And then a good Chinese teacher should be an expert in the Chinese language too. They know there and about 10,000 characters, and they’re fluent in a foreign language(s) — so that when you make a mistake in grammar, they know whether it’s because you didn’t understand the Chinese grammar rules, or because you are using the Germanic grammar rules of your mother tongue (such as Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, German, Dutch, and English).

    There’s no substitute for this.

    Which is why all our teacher are BS, MS, or PhD degree holders in foreign language education, and with some years of experience of teaching Chinese to foreigners under their belt.