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The online school for learning Chinese with the best teachers.

Our courses include:

  • Online learning materials, with tests, flashcards, videos & more
  • Supplemented with live teaching sessions
  • Rated 5 out of 5 (48 reviews)
  • Less dropout than self-study programs
  • Effective learning with high fluency 

GoEast Online in 90 seconds

Why GoEast online?

We’re a Mandarin school with teachers online & in Shanghai. Our online school combines self-learning with live teachers; the best of both worlds.


Interactive self-learning

  • Video lessons and interactive exercises

  • Learn on any device, anywhere in the world

  • Real conversations from daily life

  • Earn a certificate by completing a course

Live learning with a teacher

  • Highly experienced and qualified teachers
  • Data from self-learning course is used to target areas for improvement
  • Practice speaking and review each chapter with the teacher
  • Language immersion to achieve faster proficiency

Online dashboard to track your progress

Keep track of the parts you’ve learned, the tests you’ve made and the parts you still have to do. All of this generates insightful data for you as well as our teachers, who can select what to learn together with you. Plus, badges to encourage you!

Here’s what the self-learning tool looks like

Segment of the HSK1 self-learning course.

Schedule & join classes,
all in one place

The teachers will contact you in our learning environment to schedule your classes. This platform is integrated with Zoom video calling, which works on any device.



Selection of courses available.

(Unaware of your level? Send us an email for a placement test.)

This is the starting ground for learning Chinese! Get the basics of Chinese with this course.

 150 words & grammar

 10 weeks duration

 33 live teacher sessions

 889 USD 

 GoEast certificate upon completion

Continue learning the basics of Chinese with this course, doubling your vocabulary.

 150 words & grammar

 10 weeks duration

 33 live teacher sessions

 889 USD

 GoEast certificate upon completion

The first half of HSK3, where you learn more complex words and grammar phrases.

 150 words & grammar

 10 weeks duration

 22 live teacher sessions

 619 USD

 GoEast certificate upon completion

The second part of HSK 3. By the end of this course, you will be competent at HSK3 Level Chinese (official Chinese Exam Level Three).

 150 words & grammar

 10 weeks duration

 22 live teacher sessions

 619 USD

 Earn a GoEast certificate

Join our courses for HSK4, HSK5 and HSK6 and beyond, where we’ll create a more specialized learning plan for you.

 300 to 600 words & grammar per course

 6 to 20 weeks duration

 36-72 live teacher sessions

 Price upon request

 Earn a GoEast certificate

Ready to work in China? With this course you’ll be able to join meetings, give reports, discuss team building activities & more.

 40 to 70 words & grammar

 4 to 5 weeks duration

 3 to 5 private class hours

 109 to 199 USD

 GoEast certificate upon completion

Want to learn words around a specific topic, or polish your Chinese skills? Contact us and we’ll tailor courses for us.

Chinese grammar courses or pronunciation classes; we have extra curricular courses available for you.

Schedule an appointment and we’ll assess your level in HSK terms, but also on listening, speaking, reading and grammar.

Join the group classes for ‘Kickstart your Chinese’ and learn Chinese in a systematic way. No background knowledge required.

Is your ideal course not shown? Contact us for a custom tailored learning programme.

“The teacher was awesome – really friendly, obviously experienced, and spoke great English but stuck with using Chinese. She really did a phenomenal job.”

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What students say about our online program

These lessons were my first ever attempt at studying online actively with real people. Wise choice — not only the online self-study videos were excellently crafted and thought provoking, the vocabulary exercises, really helped cement the new words, the structured learning conversations and tests all prepared me. I highly recommend this course for anyone interested in learning the basics of business Chinese.

My GoEast teachers have been the most intelligent, skilled, fascinating, and kind teachers I have ever studied with, and I say this as a former university professor myself.

-Tom Smart (USA)

GoEast’s teaching is effective and efficient. The teaching is well-rounded and certainly puts you ahead of the game, language-wise. The lessons themselves are tailored to your specific language needs, so regardless of your language goals and your reasons for studying, they’ll find a way to help you get your Chinese to the level you want it to be at.

– Chaz Sonoda (USA)

After the free trial course, I knew that this was the one. They helped me learn not only the vocabulary and the reading, but they also helped me improve my conversational skills. The staff at GoEast really care for you and they teach according to your learning style and your needs. It really is the perfect tutoring institute that I’ve been across!

– Hayeon Kim (South Korea)

GoEast Online is the best place to study Chinese language and culture in a fast and fun way. Before starting my lessons here, I had never imagined I would be able to make such progress.

– Manny Sue (Netherlands)

Let’s start learning

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FAQ: learning Chinese Online

How does the on boarding process look like?

We’ll invite you to an on video call in which we tell you more about GoEast, our online school and how you’ll learn. We’ll do a language assessment to determine which level you are, and whether you need special focus on pronunciation, grammar, reading, listening, writing or all of that. We’ll also talk about your expectations and schedule, and will make your learning plan fits what you prefer. This video call is free and without obligation to buy any course. 

What if I have to reschedule a class?

You can reschedule or cancel classes at least 24 hours before it takes place, and it won’t be counted from your credit. After that we have the right to count it, because the teacher will have to reserve the time and prepare. 

Which timezones are available?

We cover all timezones. We have very experienced teachers in US and Europe, and of course in China. Our teachers located outside of China actually taught Mandarin at our campuses in Shanghai before they moved abroad. They’re true GoEast teachers!

Will all my classes be with the same teacher?

Yes. You’ll have one dedicated teacher who knows your progress, in-and-out. So if you take a course, let’s say HSK2, all your classes will be that teacher. The only exception can be that if you want a very intensive schedule, we may use two teachers.  Or if you wants multiple teachers, of course we will accommodate!

Can I change my teacher if I’m unhappy with him or her?

Yes, you can. But in seven years we’ve never had this request!

How are HSK1, HSK2 and HSK3 learned?

You’ll partly self-study with our online platform, using conversational videos, grammar videos, interactive exercises, flashcards and articles. These are all neatly organized in chapters. As you make interactive tests, your teacher can see how your progress is. You’ll review what you’ve learned — as well as pronunciation — with your teacher during live classes with your teacher using Zoom (like Skype, but much better for teaching and learning).
After your live lessons, the lesson notes will be uploaded to your course and you can review it whenever you want!

How are HSK4, HSK5 and HSK6 learned?

For HSK4 and onwards, we let you order conventional textbooks that our teachers are highly familiar with. At the same time, we provide you with E-flashcards, assignments and extra learning resources on our learning platform. You’ll do one or two chapters each week and review them during the live lessons, in which your teacher can test your pronunciation and explain anything that is unclear. The live lessons are done through Zoom (like Skype, but much better for teaching and learning).

After your live lessons, the lesson notes will be uploaded to your course and you can review it whenever you want!

Which computer or devices can I use?

Our online learning platform works on any device, such as a desktop computer (Windows & Mac), laptop (Windows & Mac), tablet (iOS & Android) or smartphone (iOS & Android). If you’re in a noisy environment like a coffee store, it helps to have a headset.

But there are much lower-cost choices available to learn Chinese?

Yes, there are. What we provide is fundamentally different from self-learning courses. We’re an online school, at which you study on your own as well as with your teacher. We believe this is a much more effective way to learn Mandarin, and it’ll also prevent you to develop bad habits in grammar and pronunciation. We also think it’s much more fun, so you’ll stay motivated to keep on going.

How can I pay?

You can pay through Paypal, WeChat, Alipay or bank transfer. Payment should be done 100% before your course starts.

Will there be a refund if I decide to quit halfway?

If you’re not satisfied with the course within your first 2 live lessons, we offer a full refund. After that, a refund is not possible.

What if I don’t finish the course before the expired date?

We’ll highly motivate you to finish your course according to the learning plan made before you start. But if you, for whatever reason, don’t finish the course before the expiry date, we have the right to mark it as expired. But in most cases we’ll figure out a solution with our language consultant.