GoEast Online: Extracurricular

Learn Chinese grammar or pronunciation in extracurricular courses.

 Self-learning chapters included

 Videos and interactive questions

 Private classes with teacher are optional

Price ranging from 49 to 189 USD

Solidify your Chinese language skills

HSK is the standardized level of Mandarin for non-native speakers — and level 1 is where it all starts. In this course you’ll learn 150 words and essential grammar, all from zero prior knowledge of Chinese.

All our Extracurricular courses includes:

Conversation videos

Real life examples of conversational Chinese to apply the words you’ve learned. Click here for a sample.

Interactive exercises


Test yourself with a short quiz and find out what you need to study more.

Classes (optional)


Have live video lessons with your personal teacher to practice what you’ve learned and to check your pronunciation.

Available extracurricular courses:

HSK1 Grammar


This course is HSK1 speakers who want to get a clearer concept of Chinese grammar.

 25 grammar videos

 25 grammar exercises

 4 weeks duration

 49 USD

 GoEast certificate upon completion

HSK2 Grammar


HSK2-level grammar to solidify a better grasp of Chinese language.

 30 grammar videos

 30 grammar exercises

 4 weeks duration

 49 USD

 GoEast certificate upon completion



This course is for those new to Chinese and looking to improve their pronunciation specifically.

  11 pronunciation videos

11 exercises

6 live classes with teacher exercises

 189 USD

 GoEast certificate upon completion

Prices range from 49 to 189 USD. For this you get:

 Dozens of self-learning chapters included

 Videos and interactive questions

Grammar sample video: Yǒudiǎnr vs yìdiǎnr

Segment of the HSK2 grammar course.

Why GoEast online?

We’re a Mandarin school with teachers online and in Shanghai. Our online school combines self-learning with live teachers; the best of both worlds.


Interactive self-learning

  • Video lessons and interactive exercises

  • Learn on any device, anywhere in the world

  • Real conversations from daily life

  • Earn a certificate by completing a course

Live learning with a teacher

  • Highly experienced teachers

  • Data from self-learning course is used to target areas for improvement

  • Practice speaking and review each chapter with the teacher

  • Language immersion to achieve faster proficiency


Online dashboard to track your progress

Keep track of the parts you’ve learned, the tests you’ve made and the parts you still have to do. All of this generates insightful data for you as well as our teachers, who can select what to learn together with you. Plus, badges to encourage you!

Schedule & join classes,
all in one place

The teachers will contact you in our learning environment to schedule your classes. This platform is integrated with Zoom video calling, which works on any device.


Praise for GoEast’s online courses:

  • “The teacher was awesome – really friendly, obviously experienced, and spoke great English but stuck with using Chinese. She really did a phenomenal job.”

    — All Language Resources about GoEast Online

  • After the trial course, I knew that this was the one. They helped me learn not only the vocabulary and the reading, but they also helped me improve my conversational skills. The staff at GoEast really care for you and they teach according to your learning style and your needs. It really is the perfect tutoring institute that I’ve been across!

    – Hayeon Kim (South Korea)

  • GoEast Online is the best place to study Chinese language and culture in a fast and fun way. Before starting my lessons here, I had never imagined I would be able to make such progress.

    – Manny Sue (Netherlands)

  • GoEast’s teaching is effective and efficient. The teaching is well-rounded and certainly puts you ahead of the game, language-wise. The lessons themselves are tailored to your specific language needs, so regardless of your language goals and your reasons for studying, they’ll find a way to help you get your Chinese to the level you want it to be at.

    – Chaz Sonoda (USA)

  • These lessons were my first ever attempt at studying online actively with real people. Wise choice — not only the online self-study videos were excellently crafted and thought provoking, the vocabulary exercises, really helped cement the new words, the structured learning conversations and tests all prepared me. I highly recommend this course for anyone interested in learning the basics of business Chinese.

    My GoEast teachers have been the most intelligent, skilled, fascinating, and kind teachers I have ever studied with, and I say this as a former university professor myself.

    -Tom Smart (USA)

What happens when you fill in this form?

  • A language consultant will contact you soon
  • He or she will form a lesson plan with you, without obligation
  • If the times and schedule is agreed with by you, you’ll receive a payment link
  • Upon payment, we’ll create an account for you on our learning platform
  • Then the learning starts!

Preferred course
HSK1 grammarHSK2 grammarPronunciation

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