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Small-sized Chinese group classes in Shanghai

Our small-sized group classes in Shanghai are a great and affordable way to learn Mandarin Chinese while getting face-to-face contact with your teachers and fellow students. There’s a maximum of six students per group class. Besides, there are plenty of other things before and after class.

Ni hao! This is Lynn from GoEast. Add me on WeChat for any questions you have, or to receive a free placement test and a short tour around campus, either in Yangpu or Shanghai Library.

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French Concession group class schedule

Reserve your spot: Each group has only place for 6 people, and sells out quickly.

New groups start every 3 weeks.

(Unaware of your level? Contact us for a language assessment.)

Beginner Chinese

No learning experience required, or learned less than 80 words.

Available classes

CourseDatesChaptersLive classesClass daysClass timeRegister
HSK1Starts from January 11th, 202230 chapters36 class hoursTuesday & Thursday19:00 - 20:50
HSK1Starts from November 19th, 202130 chapters36 class hoursWednesday & Friday9:00 - 10:50
HSK1Starts from November 1st, 202130 chapters36 class hoursMonday & Wednesday19:00 - 20:50
HSK1 Intensive CourseStarts from December 20th, 202125 chapters40 class hoursMondays to Fridays11:00 - 12:50
HSK2Starts from February 15th, 202230 chapters36 live sessionsTuesday & Thursday11:00-12:50
HSK2Starts from January 17th, 202230 chapters36 live sessionsMondays & Wednesdays19:00-20:50
HSK2Starts from December 14th, 202130 chapters36 live sessionsTuesday & Thursday9:00-10:50
HSK2 Intensive CourseStarts from December 20th, 202125 chapters40 live sessionsMondays to Fridays14:00-15:50

All times are Beijing Time. The time now is 01:20.

Chinese group classes

Total beginner to elementary

Chinese Group class

Intermediate & above

Chinese Group class

  • Each Class Hour is 50 minutes.

How long does it take to learn Chinese?

how long does it take to learn chinese?

Our school has two campuses in Shanghai

Yangpu campus, Shanghai

Come for a coffee or one of our many events! The Yangpu campus has a café, self-study area and ten class rooms.

French Concession campus, Shanghai

Visit our campus in a hundred year old shikumen house, close to the Shanghai Library metro station. Join for tea, events or classes.

Learn Chinese with GoEast in Shanghai

Chinese school Shanghai
Chinese school Shanghai
Chinese school Shanghai
Chinese school Shanghai

Start learning Chinese in Shanghai

We always have new group classes starting:

  • Very limited seats per group (3 to 6 people)
  • All language levels
  • Flexible timing
  • Always starting at all the time at both campuses.

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