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Shanghai Christmas party at GoEast Mandarin

French Concession campus

吼吼吼Hohoho! — Join us for drinks & lovely letters at the Christmas tree. Our Christmas party takes place on Saturday 18th December, starting at 20:00.

When you learn to speak a new language, many doors open. You make new friends, get new job opportunities, and find your way through China easier. It is a huge gift. We want to put this thought central in our Christmas party — because if there’s any meaning to learning Chinese, it’s in friendly words spoken or written to other people.

So, we would like you to write and bring:

  • A written letter with a Christmas greeting or wish
  • Or a Christmas poem
  • Anything you wish to write to a fellow language lover

You will write this to another Chinese learner or teacher at GoEast. Everyone will bring a letter, and you get to take one home as well — so it is the gift of language.

Ideally, you write this in Chinese characters or Pinyin, but feel free to add English words if you must. You can also ask your teacher to help you! Don’t make it too hard for yourself.