Smashing China’s Glass Ceiling – With China Crossroads

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2021 marks the 100th anniversary of “International Women’s Day” (which takes place March 8). After a century of work to promote equal rights, what is the actual state of the “glass ceiling” in China and the US? Over the past decade, professional development for women in both countries has simultaneously progressed and regressed. On one hand, female professionals have gained new legal protections and hae witnessed a ‘new normal’ promoting diversity and inclusivity in many corporations. Why, then, do such tired, long-discussed issues as pay inequality, employment discrimination, and gender stereotyping persist in both countries? And why have recent social movements (marriage pressure in China, #metoo in the US) fueled new discriminatory flames? This talk shines a light on the true state of women’s professional advancement in both China and the US and promotes how we, as a society, can expose and smash the glass ceiling which still hinders many talented and ambitious professional women.