Beginner Chinese 1 (HSK1)

Learn Chinese from the very start in a systematic way.
No background knowledge is required. 

 Self-learning chapters included

 Videos and interactive questions

 Articles explaining Chinese culture

 Private classes with teacher

Available as private course or group class

Your Chinese learning experience starts here

HSK is the standardized level of Mandarin for non-native speakers — and level 1 is where it all starts. In this course you’ll learn 150 words and essential grammar, all from zero prior knowledge of Chinese.

Our HSK1 course includes:

Conversation videos

Real life examples of conversational Chinese to apply the words you’ve learned. Click here for a sample.

Grammar videos

Videos explaining basic sentence structure. Click here for a sample.

Online live lessons

online chinese lessons

Have live video lessons with your personal teacher to practice what you’ve learned and to check your pronunciation.

Flashcard sets

Several sets of flashcards which you can use to study vocabulary on any device. Click here for a sample set.

Interactive exercises

chinese exercises

Test yourself with a short quiz and find out what you need to study more.

Culture articles

chinese culture article

Chinese culture is part of the language. Our courses include short cultural articles too.

After this course, you can:

  • Greet people in Chinese
  • Talk about your family
  • Describe locations
  • Express time
  • Describe your activities
  • Express your feelings

Private or group classes?
We do both.

Make the most of your time with private classes. Self-study before having 1-on-1 classes with your teacher, scheduled when you want. 

Self-study and review in the online group class each weekend. A maximum of 4 students per class. Our online group classes are a great and affordable way to learn Mandarin while learning from your teachers and fellow students.

HSK1 sample video: Where is the Starbucks?

Segment of the HSK1 course.

Learn Chinese in one place

chinese teacher
Live learning with professional GoEast teachers
chinese self-learning
Interactive self-learning at your own pace
chinese online learning
Online dashboard to track your progress
learn chinese online
learn chinese online

Learn Chinese in one place

chinese teacher
Live learning with GoEast teachers
Interactive self-learning at your own pace
chinese online
Dashboard to track your progress

Let’s learn Chinese

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