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GoEast Mandarin

Since 2012

GoEast Language Center is one of Shanghai’s premium Mandarin schools. Our teachers and language consultants work together to provide the best experience to every student – whether it’s for daily or business Chinese. Since 2012, over 90% of our students have renewed their package with us.

We teach at all all language levels on our campuses in Yangpu, the French Concession and online. Come try out our open class, or come to one of our many cultural events.

Every instructor has a university degree in Chinese a linguistics related major, is a native speaker of Chinese, and is fluent in English. In addition to teaching, our team works together to help our language center grow with each instructor having a management role. And above all, our instructors are dedicated to helping you achieve your learning goals through fun, effective, and customized lessons.

Team members

Our team is passionate about sharing Chinese language and culture with students all over the world.

GoEast Mandarin staff

Emily Wang (王蓉 Wáng Róng)

CEO & Co-founder, GoEast, CEO 联合创始人
GoEast Mandarin staff

Maria Mao (毛瑞 Máo Ruì)

General Manager & Co-founder, GoEast 总经理&联合创始⼈
GoEast Mandarin staff

Jane Luo (罗琼 Luó Qióng)

Co-founder, GoEast
 | General Manager, GoEast North America 联合创始人&北美区总经理
GoEast Mandarin staff

Alice Zheng (郑卉 Zhèng Huì)

Associate Director, GoEast Online 在线教育副总监 | Senior Researcher, GoEast Academy 高级教研
GoEast Mandarin staff

Clytie Yuan (袁家晟 Yuán Jiāshèng)

Senior Researcher, GoEast Academy 高级教研 | Senior Chinese Teacher, GoEast高级汉语教师 | Designer,GoEast 设计师
GoEast Mandarin staff

Dana Chen (陈乔丹 Chén Qiáodān)

Chinese Teacher, GoEast 汉语教师 | Language Consultant, GoEast 语言顾问 | Community Specialist, GoEast 社区专员
GoEast Mandarin staff

Ellie Liu (刘晓丹 Liú Xiǎodān)

Senior Chinese Teacher, GoEast 高级汉语教师 | Spokesperson, GoEast Online 在线教育形象代言人
GoEast Mandarin staff

Eva Zhang (张妍 Zhāng Yán)

Key Account Manager 大客户经理
GoEast Mandarin staff

Lynn Ji (季玲 Jì Líng)

Senior Language Consultant, GoEast 高级语言顾问 | Associate Manager, GoEast Yangpu 助理经理 | Chinese Teacher,GoEast 汉语教师
GoEast Mandarin staff

Michael Wang (王 如迅 Wáng Rúxùn)

Director, GoEast Online 在线教育总监 | Chief Academic Officer, GoEast Academy 学术总监
GoEast Mandarin staff

Sarah Johnson (江 淼 Jiāng Miǎo)

Community Manager, GoEast 社区经理 | English Teacher, GoEast English 英语教师
GoEast Mandarin staff

Stella Qiu (邱烨 Qiū Yè)

Course Developer, GoEast Online 课程开发 | Chinese Teacher, GoEast 汉语教师 | Coffee Club Manager, GoEast 咖啡厅经理
GoEast Mandarin staff

Winona Liu (刘科含 Liú Kēhán)

Associate Manager, GoEast 助理经理 | Senior Chinese Teacher, GoEast 高级汉语教师 | Language Consultant, GoEast 语言顾问
GoEast Mandarin staff

Jaap Grolleman (雅普Yǎpǔ)

Marketing director, GoEast | 品牌总监
GoEast Mandarin staff

Kathy Meng (孟洋Mèng Yáng)

Chinese Teacher, GoEast 汉语教师
GoEast Mandarin staff

Morris Long (龙鳞 Lóng Lín)

Chinese Teacher, GoEast 汉语教师
GoEast Mandarin staff

Daniela Wu (丹妮 Dān Nī)

Chinese Teacher, GoEast 汉语教师
GoEast Mandarin staff

Jane Wu (吴蓉 Wú Róng)

Chinese Teacher, GoEast 汉语教师
GoEast Mandarin staff

Lia Li (李佳 Lǐ jiā)

Administrative assistant 行政助理
GoEast Mandarin staff

Tony Fang (方传坤 Fāng Chuánkūn)

Chinese Teacher, GoEast 汉语教师
GoEast Mandarin staff

Lily Li (李晓映 Lǐ Xiǎoyìng)

Chinese Teacher, GoEast 汉语教师

Contact us

Contact us for learning Mandarin, partnerships or anything else.

Email: coursecenter@goeast.cn

Yangpu campus
No 194-196 Zhengmin Road
Yangpu District, Shanghai
T + 86-021-6512-9300

French Concession campus
Lane 147 Yongfu Lu, Building 63
Xuhui District, Shanghai
T + 86-021-5435-6358

GoEast Ottawa
123 Slater Street, 6th Floor
Ottawa, ON K1P 5H2
T: +16137204588

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