with your TIME
get better RESULTS

Learn in-person with a professional teacher
at the comfortable GoEast campuses in the heart of Shanghai
or at your home or office
at your own pace
on your own schedule.


Our methods are learner focused, efficient and fun.


Start with a customized learning plan

Our language consultant and teacher will work with you to customize a learning plan that takes into account your ability, your goals, and your learning style.


Progress with regular feedback

We continually track and celebrate milestones along your learning journey to keep you on target with your learning plan. Honest feedback, encouragement, support... everything you need is here for you.


Improve with abundant resources and activities

We assist your self-study with GoEast e-flashcards, apps and other materials. We provide real opportunities for you to practice outside the classroom with weekly free extracurricular acitivities.


We're confident that you will love studying with us and to back it up we offer everyone a 1-session trial package for only 99RMB!

* Only for lessons at GoEast campuses. Not valid for lessons at your home or office.


What Our Students Say

We are the choice of not only international students but also professional expats and corporate executives.


From the time I walked in the door, I could tell GoEast was different. With a dedicated but fun team and a relaxed environment, this is the one place I feel confident recommending Chinese classes to foreigners.

- Taylor Wade, USA


I’ve had various teachers over the years, but I recommend going with GoEast. They are professional, flexible, and very passionate about what they do. I don’t even regard them as teachers anymore, but as friends and family. Once you GoEast, you never go back!

- Robert Orr, USA

A Plan For Everyone

Whether you want to enjoy your time in Shanghai or have an ambitious business goal, there is a language package to fit your needs.

Flexible Language Packages

Daily Chinese


Business Chinese


* Each session is 50 minutes. Prices are in RMB.

* For lessons at your home or office, a travel fee of 40RMB per lesson within a city (higher for suburbs) will be added to compensate teachers' travel time and costs.


Monthly Subscription Plans

Option 1

5 lessons weekly

40 sessions/month

starting from 6480RMB

Option 2

3 lessons weekly

24 sessions/month

starting from 4180RMB

Option 3

2 lessons weekly

16 sessions/month

starting from 2980RMB