Learn Beginner Chinese in Shanghai (HSK 1 / HSK )

Join GoEast Mandarin with classes in Shanghai’s French Concession or Yangpu.

About GoEast

GoEast Language Center is a premium Mandarin school in Shanghai, with campuses in Yangpu and the French Concession. Our teachers and language consultants work together to provide the best experience to every student – whether it’s for daily or business Chinese. Since 2012, over 90% of our students have renewed their package with us.

Which phrases will I learn?


  • “Nice to meet you” (Hěn gāoxìng rènshi nǐ)
  • She is my friend, her name is Lynn. (Tā shì wǒ de péngyou, tā jiào Lynn.)
  • Yesterday we ate a delicious hot pot. (Zuótiān wǒmen chīle hào chī de huǒguō.)

Which grammar will I learn?


  • When I was 11 years old I started playing football. (Wǒ shíyī suì de shíhòu kāishǐ tī zúqiú.)
  • My Chinese is better than his. (Wǒ de hànyǔ tā de hǎo.)
  • Don’t sleep, get up and work. (Bié shuìjiào le, qǐchuáng gōngzuò ba.)

Which HSK levels are in this course?

The beginner Chinese course spans HSK 1 and HSK 2. To learn both HSK 1 and HSK 2 you’ll need around 102 class hours.

Which way would you like to learn?

Our small-sized group classes are a great and affordable way to learn Mandarin.

  • Three to six people per class
  • Held at both campuses

Make the most of your time with private classes at one of our campuses in Shanghai. 

  • Held at both campuses or on your location

Learn Mandarin intensively in Shanghai. Learn a whole level in just two weeks!

  • Three to six people per class
  • Held at both campuses
  • Held at seasonal times (Summer, winter, Golden Week)

Need visa help?

GoEast can help you attain the X2 visa, which allows you to live in China for up to 180 days. See our visa page for more info.

Courses held at our Yangpu & Shanghai Library campus

You can choose the campus most convenient for you.

Yangpu campus

Our Yangpu campus has a café and is conveniently close to Fudan University, as well as Jiangwan Stadium metro station.

No. 194-196 Zhengmin Road
Yangpu District, Shanghai
T +86-021-6512-9300

French Concession campus

Visit our campus in a hundred year old shikumen house, located close to the Shanghai Library metro station.

Lane 147 Yongfu Lu, Building 63
Xuhui District Shanghai
T + 86-021-5435-6358

Why take these courses?

Two campuses in Shanghai

Two campuses in Shanghai

GoEast has two campuses in Shanghai, one in Yangpu and one near the Shanghai Library in the French Concession.

Small groups in classes

Small groups in classes

Enjoy personal attention from your teacher and the company of your classmates (on average 3 students per group).

International community

International community

Students from 50+ countries in a relaxed environment, with great barista coffee and regular community events.

Help you settle

Help you settle

We’ll help you get a visa (invitation letter) and will provide tips for accommodation to live in Shanghai.

Students rate us 5 out of 5 (from 48 reviews)

And over 90% of our students renew their lesson package with us.

From the time I walked in the door, I could tell GoEast was different. With a dedicated team and relaxed environment, this is the one place I feel confident recommending.

– Tyler Wade

Two different people recommended GoEast to me.  I learned different languages before but was never so engaging like here.

– Beatrice

Through GoEast I’ve quickly improved my language level. By hosting evening events, organizing travel groups, and developing unique learning methods, GoEast provides a supportive community for all their students

– Tiffany

I’ve had various teachers over the years, but I recommend going with GoEast. They are professional, flexible, and very passionate about what they do. Once you GoEast, you never go back!

– Robert Orr

Ready to learn HSK 1 / HSK 2?

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