FREE Open Chinese Classes

All classes are being held at GoEast for FREE! Registration is at the bottom of this page.

Beginner Classes

Learn the basics of Chinese for free! We are offering two identical class at the following times:

  • Option One:  10:30-12:00am, September. 10th (Thursday) 
  • Option Two:  10:30-12:00am, September. 12th (Saturday) 

You will be introduced to 

  • Chinese Phonetic System (Pinyin)
  • Chinese Writing System (Hanzi)
  • Chinese Numbers 
  • Chinese greetings

Intermediate Classes

For students who already have a basic knowledge of Chinese.

  • Option One:   10:30-12:00am, September. 11th (Friday) 
  • Option Two:  10:30-12:00am, September. 13th (Sunday) 

Classes will cover

  • Common grammar mistakes
  • Topics related to life in Shanghai
  • Pronunciation Tips
  • Consulting on perfecting your Chinese 


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