Chinese People Uncensored: What Do Chinese People Think of Donald Trump?

Tomorrow is election day in the United States, and if you haven't been paying attention it hasn't been the smoothest election. In fact, to most people it might look like an out of control train of dumpster fires.

Why would someone put dumpsters on a train, light them on fire and start the train? I don't know. But, here we are in a situation where Donald Trump is running a close election campaign against Hilary Clinton. 

Considering we might soon have a *shudder* president Donald Trump and this is a blog interested in all things Chinese, we at GoEast were interested to see what Chinese people thought of Donald Trump. Here is what we found.

What People Think About Trump in China

Trump is a typical white trash. I don’t like him. But if I was an American white citizen, I will support him unconditionally.
— Da Qian, 28
Though Trump doesn’t seem to know what he was talking about, the voters might have been bored by Hilary’s unchanging thoughts and vote for Trump for a change. Maybe the voters think: since things have already been like this, let’s have a Mickey Mouse for a change.
— Liu Nini 30, High school English teacher
The common American voters, who are tired of being so politically correct, might feel refreshed by Trump’s bold directness.
— Anon, financial broker, 37
I don’t know what he is, oh... I saw lots of news about American election on newspapers! So many. But I do not read them.
— 黄阿姨 Huang Ayi,cleaning lady in her 50s
Not knowing Trump well, but the American economy is doing so well now, it seems unreasonable to switch the ruling party now.
— Mr. Shi, Entrepreneur, 34 years old
I think it is a very promising dialect! (editor’s note: the Chinese nickname for “trump” is 川普,which is also a shorter version for 四川普通话,the Sichuan dilact)
— Ms. Li, A manager in a foreign company, 28 years old

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