Nicknames Burn! Chinese Nicknames for Western Superstars

Believe it or not Chinese Nikki Minaj fans don't call their favourite singer 妮琪米娜 (Níqí Mïnà). Thats a direct translation thats too stiff, boring and not fun at all for a Chinese name. Nah, it's too young, too simple (a Chinese phrase, meaning you're thinking too "in the box").

Today, I am going to introduce you some of the most widely accepted nicknames made by the creative and smart Chinese  fans for their favourite superstars.

Instead of those long and awkward translations, the nicknames make names much easier to remember and in most cases indicate the most distinguishing features of the people they refer to.  What’s more, by using nicknames, you are giving out the signal that you are familiar with the people you are talking about.

If you're interested in learning more we'll have more posts about amazing nicknames for celebrities in Chinese!

Zhang Yan, is the newest member of the GoEast Team. She is passionate about teaching Chinese as a second language and takes great interests in Chinese and western cultures. Especially Western TV shows!