Movie Night is Back!

GoEast is proud to announce the return of the Movie Night! Movies will be shown every week on Thursday. Here are the first three movies.

The Emperor Visits Hell 

Li Luo has taken three chapters of the Ming Dynasty novel Journey to the West (aka Monkey) and adapted the story of the short-term death of Emperor Li Shimin to the modern China of officials, bureaucrats and gangsters. The storytelling explores several layers of "reality," but coalesces into an image of China’s perennial absurdity: a new-old world where peace always breeds wealth. 

  • Director: Luo Li
  • Genre: Drama
  • Date: May 12, 2016 @ 7:30PM
  • Price: FREE

Born in Beijing

In making Born in Beijing, The director dug deep into a village-in-the-city in the southern part of Beijing. She spent six years to interview a group of petitioners from all parts of China. Their world is unknown yet closely related to our real life, which is brilliantly revealed by this documentary.

  • Director: Ma Li
  • Type: Documentary
  • Date: 7:30PM, May 19th, 2016
  • Price: FREE


The film tells the life story of a 83-year-old man: he secretly joined the Underground Party in Shanghai when he was an undergraduate, then he participated in the liberation war; he was repeatedly being persecuted in political campaigns after 1949, but  became the president of a university president after the reform and opening up...... his lifetime is the epitome of that era, reflecting a whole generation of Chinese  history.

  • Director: Xu Xin
  • Type: Documentary
  • Date: 7:30PM, May 26th, 2016
  • Price: FREE