You Won't Believe How These Companies Got their Chinese Names

Coca-Cola and its Chinese name  (可口可乐: Kěkǒu Kělè)has a very interesting story. “可口”means tasty and “可乐”means delightful. Making people happy with delicious taste is completely in line with the Coca-Cola brand. Here are  a few other examples of interesting Chinese brand names.

一 Carrefour (家乐福) 

Carrefour is a French brand which is the largest retailer in Europe. Its Chinese name comes from the transliteration of Carrefour. 家 (Jiā) means family in Chinese, 乐福 (lèfú) means happiness in Chinese, and altogether implies the hope that every family would be happy.

二 IKEA (宜家)

   IKEA is the world's largest furniture and household goods company. Its Chinese name 宜家 (Yíjiā) comes from the sentence “桃之夭夭,灼灼其华。之子于归,宜其室家(Táo zhī yāo yāo,zhuó zhuó qí huá.Zhī Zǐ yú guī,yí qí shì jiā)”. Th sentence is form 诗经 (Book of Odes), the oldest existing collection of Chinese poetry. 

The peach tree is young and elegant;
brilliant are its flowers.
This young lady is going to her future home,
and will order well her chamber and house.
— Book of Odes

“宜家”indicates the category of its products and sounds warm too.

三 Revlon (露华浓)

Revlon is a make-up brand. It was introduced into China in 1996 and its Chinese name came from the sentence “云想衣裳花想容,春风扶栏露华浓” in 清平调 (Qīngpíng diào), describing the beauty Yang GuiFei. It means “remembering the beauty when seeing the clouds and flowers , and the dewdrop on the handrail was shining when the spring breeze was weeping". 露华浓 (Lù Huá Nóng) is a very classic and graceful name.

四 Citibank (花旗银行) Huāqí Yínháng

Citibank is an American bank. The inspiration of its Chinese name is very interesting. The flag of the United States is very colorful, which is “花旗” in Chinese , then they just called this American bank as “花旗银行”.