Stories From a GoEast Trip

Last month, we had great fun going on a trip with GoEast students and teachers to a small picturesque village in Zhejiang Province. Let's hear some thoughts and stories about the trip.  

The fact that we climbed all those slippery rocks made the view even more real in the end. The village now rests with the old generation, while the younger generation got out to make more money in more developed cities and send money back home occasionally. It made me think about the stupid things I worry about, which comparatively were quite small matters.
— Max

I loved the view and all. On our way to the stream, I saw a man sitting right in the middle of the river, meditating. That was quite something. One funny thing. When we got out of the water after swimming. A local man came up to me and felt my chest hair, laughing. I asked him if he’s got any chest hair. The man laughed loudly and answered “No, no, no. I don’t have that!”
— Tom

My roommate and I forgot to turn off the light in the room. When we returned late that night, the room was literally occupied by insects: on the wall, all over the window screen and on the bed. Creeped out by these bugs, we asked Yannick to help us open the insect-crawling screen to close the window. When he was done, we spotted a giant bug on his back. We shouted “Yannick, there is some big bug on your back!” The bug crawled towards his neck and Yannick felt it. The next thing we knew, he screamed “Dragon! A dragon on my back!!!!” and sprang out of the room! Man, I will never forget that hilarious moment! LOL
— Eva

Before the trip, I didn’t know that there were places like this: quiet, calm and peaceful. All I had experienced was the noisy and modern life in Shanghai. After the trip, I totally got those Chinese paintings and poets. That is the life those people lead. I was also quite impressed by the peaceful life style in the village. I came from a very quiet and tranquil place in Slovak so this place reminded me so much of my hometown. The place we stayed was amazing. I liked it so much!
— Barbora

We expected the trip to be an average guide tour to some crowded places and shops. But everything was beyond our expectations. The amazing thing is that we found the people in the village grow and eat the same simple vegetables we have back in my hometown. The village people have their own way of building up bee hives - making use of everything they can find near the hands which is beyond our imagination! It was probably the best or one of the best trips we have ever been for two years. We liked it more than the trips to the cities, because it was so different and unexpected and beautiful and relaxing. That is what you come to china for but so rarely do.
— Rebecca

I was so happy to see students volunteer to do the BBQ! I was not expected!
— Maria

There is a saying in Chinese: “重要的不是去哪里,而是和谁一起去” (what matters is not where to travel, but the people traveling with you). 😁

How do you picture China’s sightseeing trips? If you've got any experience touring the Chinese countryside please share them in the comments below!

Zhang Yan, is the newest member of the GoEast Team. She is passionate about teaching Chinese as a second language and takes great interests in Chinese and western cultures. Especially Western TV shows!