5 Articles for a Newcomer to China

China can be an intimidating place to start a new life. Believe me, it's definitely not what they've made it out to be in the western media, but there are definitely things that might catch you off guard. Here a few articles that can give you a quick heads up for when you make the big move.

Culture shock can be pretty intense if you don't know what to expect. Here's a few good tips from chinadaily.com.cn to give you the absolute basics about surviving and understanding China.

You're living in China now. It's time to up your poop game. If you ever want to travel outside of the major cities in china or want to use a public toilet you need to learn how to use a squat toilet. This is the article for you. Aside from opening up a slew of bathroom options, the asian squat has some health benefits that extend beyond the bathroom.

10 Tips for Living in China

This one goes a bit beyond the basics, and covers a few really important topics about living in China. Are confused about how to find housing, getting a job, or learning Chinese (I hear there's a company that can help you with this)? This is the article for you.

20 Words to Help You Survive in China

You'll eventually want to learn Chinese with a bit more depth but this article will help you with all the every day basics in China.

China has a lot to offer but eventually you'll want to just relax and watch a movie or some tv. Here's the thing: China has neither Netflix nor YouTube. No need to panic yet. With the power of torrents and Baidu Yun (a free cloud storage provider in China), you can watch almost anything you want! This article gives you a step by step method to combine the two tools to make your very own streaming service. Neat!

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