The Most Popular Chinese Food You Should Try in Summer

When the burning hot summer is drawing closer and closer people’s appetites tend to become more and more picky. However, the one temptation most people are unable to resist is the delicious crayfish. In summer there are always hundreds of crayfish restaurants along the streets, summer nights and crayfish are a match made in heaven. The documentary “A Bite of China” should really dedicate at least one episode introducing crayfish next season..

Crayfish and beer

Crayfish and beer

Crayfish also comes in many different flavors: salt and pepper, spicy, thirteen-spices, garlic and many more. People of different ages and provinces thus all find their own way of enjoying the dish. Who doesn’t like spending time with friends during summer nights while at the same time enjoying this delicious dish?

Still, one must remember taste is not everything when it comes to food, it also needs to be healthy If you want to eat both delicious and healthy crayfish, you should pay attention to the following pointers:

First, you must choose fresh and clean crayfish.
Second, never eat the heads of the crayfish.
Third, you should not eat too much since the crayfish is hard to digest. In addition, quite a few people are allergic to crayfish, shrimps and seafood. Make sure you are able to eat crayfish before starting to enjoy this delicious animal.

All right, let’s try to order some crayfish in a restaurant after knowing the above information.


Customer: Hi, how is the quality of the crayfish here?
Waiter: They are clean and fresh.
Customer: How much per half kilo?
Waiter: 98 kuai per half kilo.
Customer: All right, we want two kilos of crayfish, one kilo spicy and one kilo thirteen-spices.
Waiter: Alright, please wait a moment.

Normally Chinese people tend to use half kilo (斤, Jin) as the unit of weight. In general, 3 or 4 people need at least two kilos crayfish.