New Year, New Campus, New Events

元旦快乐! Happy New Year!

We have big news for GoEast in 2019: we are opening a new campus near the Shanghai Library! To celebrate, we will open the doors of the new campus on January 12th so you can come see our new location and share your wishes for a fortunate and prosperous new year 新年大吉.


Besides our "New Campus Warming Party" on January 12th, we'll have 3 other events at the new Shanghai Library Campus, leading up to 春节 Chinese New Year. On January 30th come try your hand at calligraphy and make your very own 春联 banners to decorate your door for the Spring Festival. On January 25th you can also watch a movie about 春运, the challenging trip home for the new year: 归途列车 The Last Train Home.

We'll also have a brand new type of event: Ask a Chinese Teacher Anything on January 16th. One of our talented GoEast teachers will answer any questions you have about learning Chinese language, life in Shanghai or their hometown, and any other questions you can think of about Chinese language and culture. Now's your chance to get all your burning questions answered!

There are lots of new and exciting things happening at GoEast, but don't worry, we still have events at our Headquarters near Fudan University. The always popular mahjong night will be held on January 23rd. We're also partnering with the founder of Earnshaw Books, a local expat-owned book publishing company, to bring you an intimate conversation about life in China. Graham Earnshaw has decades of experience living in China, has successfully started a business here, and publishes books about Chinese culture. He'll share some of his wisdom and favorite books with us on January 16th.

It will be an exciting start to 2019 throughout January at both of our Shanghai campuses. We hope you can join us for a month-long celebration of the new year and new beginnings at GoEast!