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Some of the best Chinese news sources

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Whether the arrival of summer means you'll stay in Shanghai or leave for home, you might want to keep up with the Chinese news. Here are a few websites to help you out.

Most major newspapers nowadays have sections of their website solely dedicated to China, like the Guardian. Some papers run blogs on China, such as The New York Times' Sinosphere blog. The best newspaper from within China is the Southern China Morning Post. Although, like every media company in China, it is state-owned, it is the most inquisitive and the least subject to censorship. They run an international website in English which has a China section.

By far the most comprehensive source of Chinese news is This website is run by Bill Bishop, a 中国通 who is kind enough to send out a free daily e-mail with links to the latest articles on China.

If you take an interest in Chinese politics, the free Hoover Institute China Leadership Monitor is your thing. Every three months they send out a magazine worth of academic articles on the inner workings of the Beijing elite.

For more lighthearted reading, there is a great offering of China-related blogs out there. Among the most popular are, and

One way to read these newspapers and blogs is to visit them regularly, but I personally prefer reading them through an RSS feeder. These kind of apps will collect new articles for you and give you an overview of what's new. The added benefit of this is that through such services you can access newspapers which are blocked in China, such as The New York Times. I personally use Feedly and Pocket, but there are many alternatives out there.

Kevin writes columns for the GoEast Blog on studying Chinese, Chinese culture, and life as a foreign student. He has studied China and Chinese for over five years, first in his home country the Netherlands, then in Beijing, and now attends Fudan University's Chinese Society department.